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Investment Management Process

Our Investment Management Process

While we always hope for the best, hope is not a strategy and it is not part of our investment process.

We utilize multiple different managed investment models as the core of clients’ portfolios.  We ask that clients give us discretion over the investment decisions so that we are able to make changes proactively on their behalf.  While no investment process can guarantee against risk of loss, our overall investment philosophy is to be quick to adapt to changing market conditions and manage the downside risk to portfolios. 

In general, we maintain a reasonably diversified portfolio within the scope of each model’s objective including the use of alternative asset classes such as commercial real estate.  We do, however, also overweight sectors and assets classes that we believe to be in favor in the current market environment.  Investment decisions are based on a variety of factors including fundamental analysis, market sentiment, trend analysis, and technical analysis. 

4-Step Process:

  1. Look at the economy and the markets from a macro perspective to determine how much risk we believe is appropriate for each model given the current risk/reward profile.
  2. Decide what asset classes and specifically what individual investments we want exposure to and in what amount.
  3. For all models except the Aggressive Growth, create an exit strategy for each investment.  We follow a predetermined sell discipline for each individual investment in order to manage the downside risk.
  4. Monitor, implement, and update our model allocations on a regular basis.


Especially during times of high volatility, we believe that it gives our clients additional comfort and confidence in their investments to know that someone is watching over and adjusting their allocations on a regular basis.

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