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2/24/24 Is AI the answer to our problems? (Adam’s segment 22:46-37:54)

1/6/24 2024 Forecast event (Adam’s segment 18:23-38:47)

10/28/23 Why is the economy growing? (Adam’s segment 11:28-48:03)

10/7/23 The value of working with a team of professionals (Corey’s segment 13:08-21:51)

9/23/23 How has the rise in interest affected things? (Adam’s segment 14:33-26:32)

7/16/23Adam co-hosts the show

6/4/23no more debt ceiling (Adam’s segment 19:05-44:46)

4/23/23 The bright side to higher interest rates (Adam’s segment 15:08-39:56)

3/12/23 Last minute tax reminders (Adam’s segment 11:27-35:37)

1/22/23 What will 2023 bring?  (Corey segment 28:04-42:50)

12/24/22 The end of the year is here (Corey’s segment 15:49-34:33)

11/19/22 We are in a very different place (Adam’s Segment 32:12-47:13)

10/1/22 The value of an advisor (Corey’s segment 15:44-33.36)

9/10/22It’s a tough market environment…renew your faith in humanity (Adam and Kam’s segment 12:40-45:45)

8/13/22Keeping things in perspective (Corey’s segment 14:36-33:29)

7/2/22Rates are up and the market is down (Adam’s segment 13:27-22:25)

6/4/22 How to fight inflation (Corey’s Segment 16:11-32:09)

5/7/22 Is the day of reckoning here? (Adam’s segment 12:19-23:25)

4/9/22 Tax time! (Corey’s segment 13:32-23:44)

3/12/22Does the U.S. need to go through withdrawal? (Adam’s segment 11:54-23:05)

2/12/22What could slow the real estate market? (Adam’s segment 20:43-32:39)

1/15/22What else might be impacted by rising interest rates? (Adam’s segment 22:51-37:11)

12/18/21 What do higher interest rates potentially mean for housing? (Adam’s segment 12:32-19:06)

11/20/21 Don’t worry about the little things…get the BIG things right (Corey and Kam’s segment 15:00-39:30)

10/30/21 What could rising interest rates mean for investments? (Adam’s segment 24:50-35:15)

9/25/21 Are we moving into a higher inflation world? (Adam’s segment 17:53-46:49)

8/28/21 Join our team! (Adam’s segment 15:44-24:39)

7/31/21 Half-Time recap (Adam’s segment 12:00-22:59)

7/3/21 Half-Time report (Adam’s segment 14:42-27:30)

 6/5/21 Communication is key for an estate plan (Corey’s segment 13:33-39:46)

5/8/21 How do you navigate today’s market? (Adam’s segment 14:18-23:20)

4/10/21 Tax updates (Adam & Rory’s segment 15:17-33:31)

3/13/21 Tax reminders (Adam’s segment 23:32-39:17)

2/13/21 Forecast recap (Adam’s segment 17:07-29:32)

1/16/21 Forecast 2021 event is coming (Corey’s segment 14:08-40:27)

12/19/20 2020 was quite a year (Corey’s segment 11:55-40:23)

11/21/20 No RMDs…Roth conversion?(Adam’s segment 18:40-33:09)

10/17/20 Update to the market presidential prediction (Adam’s segment 16:20-41:59)

9/19/20 Can the market predict the next President? (Corey’s segment 13:15-27:20)

8/15/20 The market of the haves and have nots (Adam’s segment 31:54-40:26)

7/18/20 Question of the day—Is it safe to invest in my 401k? (Adam’s segment 9:10-39:33)

6/13/20 How much risk is in your portfolio? (Adam’s segment 14:54–32:07)

5/9/20 Who’s right, the stock market or the economy? (Adam’s segment 17:44-42:06)

4/4/20 Is the cure worse than the disease? (Adam’s segment 21:52–31:50)

2/29/20 The ugly math of investment losses  (Corey’s segment 12:47-23:07)

1/25/20 Negative yielding bonds?  (Adam’s segment 12:47-23:07)

12/14/19 Should you consider a Roth conversion? (Adam's segment 10:54-28:24)

11/9/19 Don’t forget your RMDs (Adam’s segment 11:58-25:50)

10/7/19 What 20 years of experience has taught me (Adam’s segment 12:14- 22:55)

8/31/19 The importance of discretion (Adam’s segment 14:38-22:01)

7/27/19 The Fed is expected to cut rates for the first time in 10 years!  (Adam’s segment 11:58-22:22)

6/22/19  Why the client experience is EVERYTHING!  (Adam’s segment 12:57-24:21)

4/13/19 Tax time is here again! (Adam’s segment 12:40-23:30)

2/2/19  Forecasts event recap (Adam’s segment 10:55-24:15)

12/29/18 What a difference a year makes (Adam’s segment 14:20-24:44)

11/24/18 Year-end reminders…What’s the value of an advisor? (Corey’s segment 25:00-35:06)

10/20/18 Is your financial success dependent upon predicting the future? (Adam’s segment 10:39-20:10)

9/15/18 Is a trust the only way to avoid probate? (Adam’s segment 13:05-21:57)

8/11/18 Half-Time Report recap (Adam’s segment 14:00-22:06)

7/7/18 It’s time for the Half-Time Report (Adam’s segment 24:49-33:24)

6/2/18 The word for the day is…volatile.  (Adam’s segment 13:00-23:39)

4/28/18 Life is short...not everything is about tomorrow. (Adam's segment 15:20-26:30)

4/5/18  The FED continues to raise rates. (Adam's segment 9:47-21:40)

2/17/18 Volatility is back!  Are you ready?  (Adam's segment 11:16-21:51)

1/13/18 The new year means the Forecast event is are tax cuts. (Adam's segment 26:05-35:39)

12/9/17 What is the purpose of the tax code? Plus year-end tax reminders (Adam's segment 11:45-12:14 and 36:46-38:33)

11/4/17 Is it time to stress test your portfolio? (Adam's segment 11:52-21:51)

9/30/17 Should we be preparing for another lost decade of stock returns? (Adam's segment 10:36-20:58)

8/26/17 Is it 1998 all over again? (Adam's segment 13:05-22:20

7/22/17 The year's half over, what's next?  (Adam's segment 12:20-20:55)

6/17/17 The FED raised rates again.  What comes next? (Adam's segment 14:00-24:18) 

5/13/17 What should a comprehensive finanncial planner do for you? (Adam's segment 15:15-24:50)

4/8/17 After a fast start to the year, has the stock market stalled? (Adam's segment 13:15-21:30)

3/18/17 Are you eligible to fund an HSA and have you funded yours? (Adam's segment 12:20-20:58)

2/11/17 What are the 2017 market predictions for stocks and interest rates?  (Adam's segments 3:35-5:18 and 24:06-33:55)

1/7/17 What a difference a year makes (Adam's segment 10:47-22:20)

12/3/16 Is the FED getting ready to raise rates? (Adam's segment 12:23-23:47)

10/29/16 Are long term rates going to contine to rise? (Adam's segment 12:40-28:23)

9/24/16 The FED decides not to raise interest rates...again! (Adam's segment 15:34-25:22)

8/20/16 23% of all bonds have negative yeilds!  Adam's son, Declan, makes his radio debut.  (Adam's segment 5:57-24:44)

7/16/16 So the British left the European Union....So what? (Adam's segment 12:04-23:15)

6/11/16 Will interest rates go up or down? (Adam's segment 14:39-24:35)

5/7/16 Is it time to stress test your portfolio? (Adam's segment 15:34-27:51)

4/9/16 Tax deadlines and new DOL regulations ( Adam's segment 15:22-27:25)

2/27/16 Does the election affect stock performance? (Adam's segment 24:35-33:21)

1/23/16 Stocks off to a rough start for 2016 (Adam's segment 10:48-22:38)

12/12/15 Here comes Santa Claus and a rate hike (Adam's segment 12:37-24:24)

11/14/15 Will the Fed raise rates this time?  (Adam's segment 2:11-22:07)

10/31/15 The importance of a financial plan (Adam's segment 13:30-25:27)

9/12/15 Will the Fed raise rates? (Adam's segment 11:57-22:40)  

8/8/15 Who cares about the Chinese stock market?

7/4/15 Half-Time Report is coming up

5/30/14 Are you getting the same service experience as "ultra high net worth" clients?

5/2/15  Is it time to stress test your portfolio?

3/21/15 Last minute tax strategies

2/14/15 Predictions from our 2015 Forecasts event (Adam's segment 14:10-24:19)

1/24/15 The ECB is trying to light a fire.  Will they succeed at warming up the economy or will they burn the house down? (Adam's segment 16:30-33:27)

12/13/14 Will interest rates rise in 2015? (Adam's segment 5:20-22:02)

11/22/14 A sound financial plan can bring piece of mind.  (Adam's segment 12:16-22:15)

11/1/14 Bank of Japan ramps up QE as the FED exits (Adam's segment 13:34-22:36)

9/13/14 ECB starts buying asset-backed securites.  (Adam's segment 26:00-33:40)

8/23/14 What is your "Family Index"? (Adam's segment 12:36-24:18)

7/19/14  How does a plane crash affect mortgage rates? (Adam's segment 11:42-20:40)

5/31/14 Stress test your portfolio (Adam's segment 15:51-29:33)

4/26/14 The value of a financial advisor (Adam's segment 15:13-22:50)

3/22/14 IRA funding strategies (Adam's segment 14:39-24:16)

2/15/14 The importance of assessing risk tolerance (Adam's segment 12:12-22:05)

1/11/14 2013 Recap (Adam's segment 10:12-18:32)

12/7/13 Interest rate history lesson (Adam's segment 10:30-20:42)

11/2/13 Janet Yellen nominated as next Fed chief (Adam's segment 9:00-19:24)

9/28/13 Fed says "No" to tapering (Adam's segment 11:50-20:39)

8/17/13 Half-Time Report & the Family Index (Adam's segment 12:27-21:41)

7/13/13 What is the future of the housing market? (Adam's segment 9:46-20:53)

6/22/13 Will the FED allow higher interest rates to derail the housing market? (Adam's segment 15:42-24:03)

5/18/13 Dinner with John P. Calamos Sr. (Adam's segment 17:17-25:45)

4/13/13 Portfolio stress test (Adam's segment 14:15-23:03)

3/9/13 Real estate investing and building a wealth plan  (Adam's segment 11:40-43:33)

2/2/13 Forecasts 2013 (Adam's segment 26:32-35:35)

1/12/13  "Fiscal Cliff" deal (Adam's segment 11:52-40:12)

11/25/12 The upcoming "Fiscal Cliff" (Adam's segment 28:51-38:05)

10/14/12 Election year market statistics (Adams segment 31:24-40:07)

9/16/12 The FED's announcement of QE Infinity (Adam's segment 26:25-38:27)

8/12/12 2012 market Halftime Report (Adam's segment 16:42-33:26)

7/8/12 Real estate investment (Adam's segment 27:34-46:24)

6/3/12 The European debt crisis (Adam's segment 23:55-33:57)

4/28/12 Public distrust of the financial industry (Adam's segment 12:42-21:08)

3/24/12 "Family Index Stress Test" (Adam's segment 15:31-23:32)

2/18/12  Fast start for stocks in 2012 (Adam's segment 6:30-29:59)

1/14/12 Why investors may not have done as well as the index in 2011 (Adam's segment 10:40-19:19)

12/10/11 Evaluating the level of risk in your portfolio (Adam's segment 8:33-15:35)

11/26/11 Long-term market trends (Adam's segment 15:03-23:03)